Julio Reyes Copello Is the Man Behind Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

As a producer and composer, Julio Reyes Copello has worked with some of the most talented voices in the industry, including Jennifer LopezMarc AnthonyPaulina RubioRicky Martin and Thalia.

His job is to get singers to give everything they have in the studio. And apparently he’s very good at it. He was recently nominated for a Latin Grammy as Producer of the Year.

We got a chance to talk to the Colombian about his work and here’s what he had to say:

– You’re nominated for a Latin Grammy as Producer of the Year. What does that mean to you?

It feels really good. It’s the first time I’ve been nominated for producer of the year. I won an American Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album [in 2005 for Marc Antony’s Amar Sin Mentiras].

– What does a music producer do?

No one really knows. If we make a parallel with movies, it’s like being a director. You choose the language, the best takes, the direction. A producer gets the best of the artist without being the center of attention. A producer also has to save the artist from himself. Some artists are really hard on themselves. I really make them feel free to do whatever they want. I have to be ready to capture the best and most intense moments. I’m very intuitive.